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College Fashionista: Style Guru Bio

My first contributing article for College Fashionista

Hi everybody! My name is Jasmin Briggs and I was born and raised in Washington, DC. I’m a senior at Old Dominion University majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations and double minoring in fashion merchandising and marketing. I’m so excited to join the CollegeFashionista team and I can’t wait to experience this journey with you!

It might sound cliché, but fashion has been my passion since my 6th grade art class. My teacher tasked the class with drawing a picture of our favorite present we received for Christmas. I decided to sketch the outfit that my parents bought me. A lot of time and effort went into the sketch and I realized how fun it was, so I started sketching more outfits. My mother got tired of me using the paper for the printer, so she bought me a sketch book and colored pencils. To prepare myself for my career I took sewing classes, went to fashion camps and attended an arts high school. By my senior year of high school I realized that I wanted to pursue Fashion Marketing/ PR, accessories design and fashion journalism. I still haven’t narrowed down my list to one career, but I figure why settle for one? Fashion is so versatile and dynamic, that you can branch off into many different avenues.

I would classify my personal style as “other” or “all of the above.” My style changes depending on how I’m feeling and what I’ll be doing that day. Some days I’ll be bohemian, other days I’ll be vintage, preppy or grunge. When getting dressed I usually put together one to three outfit styles then I pick the one I like the most. For the look featured in this post I combined vintage, grunge and modern. For the vintage aspect of the look I styled a black lace shirt with black tuxedo pants and a pointed-toe pump. I stayed with the vintage theme for my accessories and layered three pearl necklaces together and paired it with pearl earrings. Then I added vintage sunglasses and a matte red lipstick for a pop of color. I topped the outfit off with a light wash distressed denim jacket to tie in the grunge. The modern aspects of the outfit were tied in with my cheetah print clutch and white marble phone case. I believe that accessories bring life to an outfit and I love adding different elements together that people wouldn’t normally think of.

As Blair Waldorf said, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. Its movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be”.

Stick with me as I showcase college campus style in Washington, DC and at ODU.

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