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The Luxe Lineup: How To Slay Your Winter Style – The Perfect Coat

When winter hits, being stylish is the last thing on people’s minds. We’re typically more concerned with conserving our body heat and sometimes that means wearing ugly and clunky items that don’t flatter our figures or keep us looking cute. What we have to realize, is that fashion doesn’t have to be a compromise in the winter. You can still walk down the street feeling cozy and looking bomb at the same time!

We’ve come up with some tips to keep in mind when shopping for winter pieces and getting dressed for the day:

Invest in the perfect coat

Finding the perfect coat is a crucial component of slaying your winter style. It not only keeps you warm, but gives the world a preview of your outfit. Your coat can make or break your outfit, so you have to make sure it’s fire! Every woman’s closet should consist of a mix of both classic and statement coats that can extenuate your outfits. Aviator, duster, long line, fur and puffer/ padded coats are some of the most popular coats out right now. They’re everywhere from retail stores, blogs, magazines, runway shows and celebrities. These types of coats have been around for years, but they keep ‘re-emerging’ in new styles, colors and variations. Fashion brands and style savant’s alike have also found new ways to style these pieces, which has probably contributed to current fashion trends.


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Instagram: @thisislavinya Blog:

You can pretty much find these coats at any store that sells on-trend clothing or by simply googling the coat that you’re looking for. Retail stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Express, Asos, Missguided, Boohoo, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Romwe and Amazon are some of the most popular places to get these coats, but you’re more than welcome to do your own exploring. If you check your local thrift store, some of these pieces might be there as well!

Where do you guys shop for your winter coats? Let us know in the comments! Also, stay tuned for the next winter style tip: Layering!


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