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Contributing article for Old Dominion University (ODU) Monarch Roar blog

I’m from DC so we get wind and rain , but the wind down here is ridiculous! It felt like the wind was trying to take me away! These past few days have been really ugly. I stepped outside and the gloomy sky just brought my entire energy down. But as you all know fashion brightens my day! I love people who don’t let rain or inclement weather stop them from slaying! It’s AMAZING! I found a name twin who loves fashion just like me, but she spells hers J-a-z-m-i-n-e and she’s a senior, fashion merchandising student. We have a visual merchandising class together and when she walked into class I fell completely in love with her outfit. From head to toe Jazmine wore an army green utility jacket with gold accents, a gold necklace with a stone charm, a black shirt and a leather A- line skirt. She paired it with grey thigh high socks and black over the knee boots. Then finished it off with a gold watch and black leather purse. When I asked what her thought process was about the outfit she said she wanted to be cute even though it was raining and didn’t want to wear sweatpants, so she put this outfit together. I really like Jazmine’s outfit because it’s mixes tomboy and girly together. The utility jacket adds a casual element while the leather skirt, thigh highs and over the knee boots add a feminine, chic touch. I also love her purse because it’s one of my favorite accessories. You can use a purse to dress up any outfit whether you’re wearing heels or sneakers. If you want to see more outfits from Jazmine follow her on Instagram @letsjazzitup2 and subscribe to her youtube channel: letsjazzitup

Hopefully Hurricane Joaquin will spare us, but if not stay dry Monarchs!

Just because you have an 8am doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable

See you next Friday for more fashion fun!



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