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Wardrobe Oxygen: Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks - Interview with Sana Cordeaux

Hi everyone, WO2 Intern Jasmin here! I’m back with another interview for you all. This time I had the opportunity to interview professional make-up artist and Veluxe executive, Sana Cordeaux. Veluxe is an app that provides hair, makeup, fitness and wellness services in the Washington, DC metro area. Beauty and wellness all in one place? What could be better than that? But wait there’s more! This app does house calls (and hotel/ office)! For the woman on-the-go, Veluxe delivers these beauty and wellness services right to you!

Cordeaux is currently the Director of Business Development at Veluxe, but she still had time to answer questions about beauty tips and tricks for traveling. Traveling can be a headache and if you add your beauty regimen to the mix, it just adds to the stress. In this interview Cordeaux tries to lift a weight off your shoulders by providing insight on beauty organizers, skin care routines and must-have products that are essential for traveling.

Me: When did you realize make-up artistry was your professional calling?

Cordeaux: For as long as I can remember I have always loved the beauty and fashion industry. Growing up, I was the quintessential four year old that loved getting into her mom’s high heels and lipsticks. It wasn’t until I was much older getting my business degree that I realized there was a way to combine my love of makeup and business.

Me: What beauty products should women pack when traveling? (Carry-on and Suitcase)

Cordeaux: While traveling it’s important for women to keep it small. I don’t recommend bringing entire brush sets or contouring kits. Women should only pack their five or six go-to products. In my suitcase I make sure to pack my foundation, blush, liner, mascara and essential brushes.  On hand, in my carry on I like to have my blotting papers, pressed powder, and lipstick for touchups.

Me: What are some beauty product organizers that are great for traveling?

Cordeaux: Anything that is relatively flat and has a lot of compartments is perfect for travel. A case with multiple compartments will allow you to store your shampoos, styling gels, hair supplies, and make up all in one pouch. This will not only keep you organized but will be a huge space saver in your suitcase as well. 

Me: Are there beauty products that women can use year round while traveling, or are some products better for colder/ hotter weather?

Cordeaux: Lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes can be the same year around. For the summer time I suggest moving over to a lighter foundation, perhaps even a just a tinted moisturizer. I personally switch my liners and mascara to waterproof to prevent it from melting of my face.

Me: If they are traveling to a warm climate/ during the summer what beauty products should they use so their makeup lasts a long time.

Cordeaux: Setting spray might be your most important product in the summer. It helps temporarily waterproof your makeup and allows it to last all day. I use setting spray all year long but I am extra diligent about spraying a little extra on in the summer months.

Me: What products can women use as a pick me up to keep their face looking fresh and glowy?

Cordeaux: A highlighter is the best way to brighten up any look. Just place a little highlighter on the high points of your cheeks, a little down the center of your nose, and right above your eyebrows on your forehead. My recommendation is NARS Albatross. It is a highlighter that I found to work with every skin tone. It leaves a beautiful golden finish on the skin that reflects beautifully in the light.

Me: Does your skin care routine need to be modified when traveling?

Cordeaux: As long as you have a good skin care routine at home it should transfer over nicely when traveling. The thing to be mindful of when traveling however is staying hydrated. Traveling can take a toll on our bodies and our skin. Staying hydrated will help our bodies reduce the bloat and keep our skin look healthy and moisturized.

Me: What are two beauty products women should always carry in their purses while traveling?

Cordeaux: Blotting papers and lipstick are the two must haves in any purse. Being shiny can be enough to ruin even the most beautiful makeup application so having blotting papers on hand is essential. Lipstick helps to pull the entire together and when it begins to fade it can leave you looking unfinished. Having a lipstick in your bag will keep you looking polished all day. I always describe lipstick as the icing on the cake and no one wants cake without the icing.

Hopefully after this interview you’ve learned some new beauty tips and tricks for traveling and feel a weight has been lifted off your shoulders! Next time I go on vacation I’m going to put this advice to good use!

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