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The Luxe Lineup: TV Style Icon: Cheryl Blossom

Television shows have been blessing us with major fashion feels for decades. There’s always that one character who’s outfits we cling to. We can’t wait until the next episode for them to slay us, revive us, then slay us again. There will always be that character that stands out from the rest. Cheryl Blossom from CW’s Riverdale is one of those characters.

Image Source: The CW

For those of you who don’t watch Riverdale….


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…’re missing out on a great show!

Riverdale is a tv show based off of the Archie comics (the ones in the grocery store checkout line).

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It follows Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones and their friends and family as they experience a traumatic event that shakes the town to its core.

The CW

Image Source: The CW

A popular boy named, Jason Blossom (aka Cheryl’s brother) is murdered and as the show progresses we see the town’s good, wholesome facade turn into a dark and twisted place. The show is filled with drama, murder, mystery, sex, scandal and of course, fashion. Riverdale is currently in its second season and each episode gets juicier than the last.

We don’t see Cheryl in every minute of the show, but her presence is definitely felt. She’s the complicated mean girl that we hate, love and empathize with. Initially, when her character is introduced we think she’s an evil, entitled girl that likes to start trouble.


Gif Source: Giphy/ The CW

As the show goes on we witness different sides of her. She can be kind, generous and vulnerable when she feels like it and it almost makes you forget why you’re supposed to hate her.

Now…let’s talk about the reason we’re all here, Cheryl’s fashion sense! She’s known for incorporating the color red into all of her outfits and no one rocks it quite like her. Here are some of our favorite looks from the show:

Image Source: The CW

Wanna dress like Cheryl? We’ve come up with some Cheryl Blossom inspired outfits that we know she would approve of….

Make sure you catch Riverdale on Wednesdays on CW at 8/7c to see more of Cheryl’s amazing style!


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