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College Fashionista: Fall In Love With Basics

Contributing article for College Fashionista

In my opinion, there are a few basic items that every female should have in their wardrobe for the fall season. These items include black skinny jeans, a gray sweater, ankle booties and an oversized distressed jean jacket. All of these pieces are extremely versatile and can add a bit of edge to any outfit. A common mistake we repeat when shopping for fall outfits is buying too many on-trend pieces. Most likely they won’t be on trend a year from now, and you’ll be stuck trying to sell it. It’s also hard keeping up with trends because there’s always something new. Basic pieces are the way to go when shopping for fall. These are items that can last from season to season and serve as the foundation for any outfit.

Individually, these basic piece’s work with any outfit, but what happens when you put all of them together? By combining these items, the Fashionista featured above has created a fall-ready look. The black skinny jeans and ankle booties add the perfect contrast to this outfit and make it look sleek. The gray sweater adds a lighter touch and breaks up the harshness of the black skinny jeans and ankle booties. The oversized distressed denim jacket takes the outfit to whole another level and adds an edgy, grunge vibe. Also, it looks very chic draped across the shoulders. This has been a recent trend that I’ve completely fallen in love with. It amazes me how something as simple as the way you wear a jacket can transform your outfit. I also love how her outfit goes from light to dark colors, creating an ombre effect.

If you don’t have any of these pieces in your wardrobe, head to your nearest mall (or laptop), and purchase them asap! Stay fashion-ready for the fall season!

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