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The Luxe Lineup: Fashionable Celebs Born in February

Happy February! Is it just us or did January seem long AF?! Its the beginning of a new month, so you know what that means! Time for the next Fashionable Celebs article. Here are our picks for the most fashionable celebs born in February! If you see someone you share a birthday with, comment down below!

Yara Shahidi – February 10th 

Yara clearly has a love for prints, bright colors and statement pieces. Not many people can pull off the looks that she wears! Check out the article we wrote about Yara and her new show Grown-ish! If you haven’t been watching it, something is seriously wrong with you!

*Click on image to view slideshow*

Emma Roberts – February 10th

Emma can rock a red carpet, but we believe true style comes from your street style looks. Her street style is always fashionably, chic and you can recreate any outfit!

*Click on image to view slideshow*

Kelly Rowland – February 11th

*Click on image to view slideshow*

Millie Bobby Brown – February 19th

We fell in love with her on Stranger Things (if you don’t watch the show you’re missing out), but gained a new type of love for her personal style. She’s a fashion icon and Time’s named her one of the most influential teens of 2017. And did we mention 🗣she’s only 13! Were you this fashionable at 13? We definitely weren’t! Just thinking about it makes us cringe.

*Click on image to view slideshow*

Rihanna – February 20th

You’ve heard the phrase, “it’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not”. She has an uncanny ability to pull off different outfits and styles and she makes it look so easy. She has definitely solidified herself as a fashion GOAT!

*Click on image to view slideshow*

Sophie Turner – February 21st

You know her from Game of Thrones (we’re said the series is getting ready to end 😣😫😭😢), but what you might not know is that she has some of the best red carpet looks that we’ve ever seen. For the most part, her looks are relatively simple, but the way they’re put together makes us fall in love with them every time. Few can master the simple chic look.

*Click on image to view slideshow*

Erykah Badu – February 26th

Erykah Badu is definitely one of those people that wears her personality on her sleeve. Her electric personality matches her even more eclectic style. We wouldn’t dare try some of these looks out of fear of looking a hot mess, but Erykah can pull it off no problem! Keep doing you, Ms. Badu!

*Click on image to view slideshow*

Stay tuned for the next month to see the Fashionable Celebs born in March. If you think of someone that should be featured next month, let us know in the comments!


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*The Luxe Lineup does not own these images. Click on image to view source*

*Header image source: W Magazine*

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