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The Luxe Lineup: Y’all……Yeezy Season 6 is coming!

Y’all, this is not a drill! Yeezy Season 6 is coming!!!


It’s been a year since he released a collection and now Yeezy Season 6 is on the way. Kanye better not be playing with us……we can’t take it!

Ye proved with his latest Yeezy Season 6 promotional campaign that his creativity knows no bounds. He has been executing the most creative and effective marketing campaigns that we’ve ever seen. This is Ye’s third promo campaign for Yeezey Season 6. His first campaign was centered around his wife Kim Kardashian. She wore NINE Yeezy Season 6 outfits in one day, which garnered a lot of media attention. For the second campaign he had Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods and Amina Blue along with other models and influencers recreate the photos that were taken of Kim Kardashian on the day she wore nine outfits. They all looked like Kim K clones.

His new Yeezy Season 6 campaign has now moved to NYC and was split into two parts. The first part of the campaign was plastered on a Times Square billboard.

Image Source: HypeBeast

It featured Instagram screenshots of Kim Kardashian and her clones wearing the Yeezy Season 6 collection. The second part of the campaign was in the NYC subway system. Screen shots of Kim Kardashian and her clones were plastered on different areas in the subway station along with ‘#YeezySeason6’.

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Ye went with a minimal color palette per usual with a combination of baggy/ loose fitting and fitted athleisure-streetwear chic looks. A subway station was probably the best place for him to advertise his collection because it was the perfect intersection of grunge and street style. A subway station is probably ground zero for street style, so to advertise there was a perfect combination. We commend Ye for taking this route because some designers preview their collections in a standard and boring way and it doesn’t get you that excited  about it. With Ye creating three social media sensation campaigns it created alot of excitement and anticipation for Yeezy Season 6.

Here are some more photos of the Yeezy Season 6 advertisement in the NYC subway station…..

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Image Source: HypeBae


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